Calling all grandparents!

Gigi came for a visit this weekend. We all had a great time, but Charlie particularly had a lot of fun. He loved having another person to play with and he let her know about it–loudly.

Just before Christmas, he started calling for people and things. (He and his daddy were watching “Orangutan Island,” where the scientists were calling for Cha-Cha by cupping their hands to their mouths. Charlie soon started calling for Cha-Cha, then Mama, Daddy, horses, dogs, cats…basically anything and anyone he wanted to appear.) While we were in Georgia over the holidays, he perfected his calling technique on Jenna (Nenna! Nenna! NENNA!), Nanny (NANNY! NANNY! NANNY!), and PawPaw (PAAAAWPAAAW!). Gigi got the full brunt of it.

Charlie would call Gigi from across the apartment, across the room, from the couch, from the changing table…from anywhere! He loved it when she appeared, but he was just as happy when he heard her call his name back. He was still calling her this morning, after she left. That boy loves an audience!


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