English lit 101

Lately, after our long days, I’ve been talking to Charlie about what happened to us during our adventures. “Remember when we went to music class and played the drums?” Or, “What did you do at FedKids today? Renee said you helped to make a cardboard bus. Did you paint it yellow?”

Sometimes I know the answers, sometimes I don’t. But he’s been having fun remembering, putting a narrative structure to the course of his day, and thinking about the climax. (“Yes, that was my favorite thing, too!”)

But last night, as we were reading bedtime stories, he moved beyond basic storytelling.

We read Little Gorilla by Ruth Bornstein and then we read Dear Zoo by Rod Campbell. Both books involve jungle animals because stories about jungle animals tend to hold CW’s attention better than other kinds of stories. As I was reading Dear Zoo aloud and he was looking at pictures in Little Gorilla, he pointed from the elephant in one to the elephant in the other.

“Ele-un,” he said. Here, he pointed, and here. “Ele-un.”

“Yes, Charlie,” I said, as we examined both lions, both snakes and both giraffes. “We’ve finally moved into comparative literature!”


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