Potty time!

We bought a little potty for Charlie a month or so ago, and we’ve been reading books about poop, pee, and going to the potty. Other than that, our so-called potty training has been very, very relaxed.

First, Charlie wanted to sit on the potty, but only with his clothes on. Then he wanted to put things in the potty, like toys and boats.

Only in the last week or so has he started connecting poop with the potty. “Potty?” he’ll ask after a big fart. I strip him down. He sits on the potty for a minute, playing with a toy or reading a book, then he says, “All done.” We diaper up and a few minutes later there is poop in the diaper. At least he has the general idea.

Or at least we thought so.

Until the other day when Jesse was joking around about something in the kitchen and said, “It’s party time!”

Charlie laughed. “It’s potty time!”


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