Sharing the ducks

On Thursday, Charlie and I went to music class, where he played drums, triangles, jingle bells, and shakers. Then he danced to “Wheels on the Bus” and some Chinese new year music. He especially liked the teacher’s stuffed snake who gave all the kids kisses. He talked about the “SSSSSS” all the way home. (And even today, Saturday, he talked about “Gina’s SSSSS” during lunch.)
Then later on Thursday afternoon, we saw bunnies, dogs, cats and snakes at the pet store and ducks and geese in Prospect Park.

Charlie was in heaven.

He wanted to share his joy with everyone. When we met a cute baby on the playground (probably about a year old, waddling adorably in a rainbow-colored snowsuit with a pointy hat), Charlie ran up to him.

“Baby! Baby!”

Then he ran to me. “Baby,” he said, pointing at the little boy. “Duck!” he said, pointing at the lake. (I heard: “Oh, how can there be so many wondrous creatures in the world as babies AND ducks!”)

I smiled. “Why don’t you tell the baby about the ducks?”

He ran right over to the baby and stood very close to him, looking deep into the kid’s eyes. “Baby!” he said, very seriously, “Duck!” He pointed to the lake, as if to say ‘Man, there are ducks, right over there, can you frickin’ believe it?’

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One Response to “Sharing the ducks”

  1. Aunt Jenna Says:

    ha ha…that’s precious!

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