Our Texas vacation


I finally finished this set of pictures from our summer vacation in Texas. Charlie and Jesse strolled the streets of Dallas while I attended a writers conference for work, and then we hit the road.

We stopped in Galveston, TX, which was kind of depressing. Oil rigs lined the horizon and the Gulf waters were not nearly as clear and inviting as those in the Florida panhandle. But, we stayed at the historic Hotel Galvez, which was fabulous and made up for the island’s grayness. It had the best pool, ever, warm, huge and surrounded with grottoes and lush tropical vegetation. There was a swim-up bar, small waterfalls and two floors of lounge chairs where one could lay out or curl up with a book. Charlie and I spent most of our time in Galveston swimming in luxury. Ah.

Then we drove to Austin, where we stayed at the Austin Motel and drooled over the other boutique hotels along that strip. We tried to see the famous Congress Avenue bats, but didn’t have much luck. The best part of Austin was biking around Town Lake to Barton Springs. I love swimming in freshwater springs, and Barton was great—until we got rained out.

We had a good time, and looking back at the pictures makes me want to go on vacation again. And it also reminds me just how much Charlie has changed in only six months. Click on the photo above for the whole set.


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