Holding hands, saying “Bye”

After a recent bout of severe, but short-lived, separation anxiety, Charlie has become so grown-up in his hellos and good-byes.

Every day when we walk into the daycare, he hides behind my leg and holds my hand. He won’t go into the room without me. He wants me to help him say hello to everyone and get used to being in a different place. But as soon as he’s ready, which lately means when he’s playing at the sand table, he blows me a kiss and says, “Bye, Mama.” (Translation: See ya, later, lady.)

Yesterday, when I went for snack, he patted the chair next to him, an indication for me to sit. Then he said, “Mama,” and patted my leg, telling all his friends that this was his Mama. After we ate, he wanted me to play on the slide with him and build blocks and watch him throw plastic animals around. Yet as soon as it was time to line up for gym—all the kids hold on to a rope so that they can approximate walking in a line—he grabbed his hand-hold and headed out the door.

We walked into the hallway together, me going one way and him going the other.

“Bye, Mama! Bye, Mama! Bye, Mama!” he said, blowing me big kisses.

“Bye, Charlie!” I said, blowing him big kisses back, loving that everyone in the hallway could hear him shouting how much he would miss me.


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  1. Florrieem Says:

    nice work, guy

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