Dog poop

When Charlie and I walk around the neighborhood, or anywhere for that matter, he names everything he knows and then grunts a request for me to fill in the missing vocabulary words.

So, the other day, as we were walking to music class, we saw beep-beeps (cars), cats, dogs, Gina (balconies—I have no idea how this connection was made), USA (flags), and various other things. One of the other things we saw was a big pile of dog poop.

We could see it several feet in front of us as we walked closer. Charlie began to point and make funny noises, which means “tell me what that is.”

“That’s dog poop,” I said.

“Dawg ooh. Dawg ooh.” He pointed to some trash on the sidewalk. “Dawg ooh.” He pointed to a crushed cup beneath a tree. “Dawg ooh.”

Oh Lord.

He still remembers his new word a week later. Today, he pointed to actual dog poop before saying, “Dawg ooh, Mama. Dawg ooh.”


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