A day in the city

Now that we live in Brooklyn, spending a long afternoon exploring Central Park is a “day in the city,” rather than just what we always do for fun.

On Earth Day weekend, we took the train to the Upper East Side to see the free concerts. We ended up throwing coins in the fountain, feeding the turtles, and rolling around in the Sheep Meadow. (We missed you chasing all the squirrels, Cecil!)

The sky was blue; the sun was hot; the wind was cool. There was music and laughter and spring greenery and flowers. We had such a beautiful, wonderful, sweet day that I told Jesse (only half-jokingly) that I knew where we should live next: Manhattan. (Of course an evening in our crowded, expensive old neighborhood reminded me why we left in the first place.)

I took a few photos, including an attempt at a self-family portrait.

family portrait


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