Peppers and broccoli

Mommys can do tricks. They can pretend not to notice angry strangers while trying to calm their crying babies. They can heave 50 pounds of stroller/baby/diaper bag up and down subway stairs. They can (sometimes) usher toddlers between playground and home without inciting a tantrum.

No one ever seems to acknowledge these miraculous feats.

But I do have one trick that everyone seems to notice.

Charlie eats vegetables.

And by eat, I mean he asks for them. Then, when he gets them, he gobbles them up as if they will soon disappear from his bowl.

It started with the mashed up stuff I made myself. Now, he eats everything I cook plus some raw veggies. Zucchini, peppers, broccoli, spinach, beans—add some seasoning and that boy chows down. Since I will eat chocolate and cake before any veggie, CW must get this preference from his father. I don’t question; I just go with it. And often give him veggies as snacks. This is especially fun on the subway.

People stare in awe. Their eyes say I am a miracle worker.

“He eats peppers? He eats broccoli?! That’s…amazing!

Cooking veggies that taste good—the best mom trick ever.


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One Response to “Peppers and broccoli”

  1. Aunt Jenna Says:

    lol I like this entry šŸ™‚

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