Maternity leave

Harper’s Index says:

The number of nations that do not legally guarantee women any paid maternity leave: 4

Average annual per-capita income in the three other than the United States: $1,226

Our per-capita income according to census data from 1999: $21,587.

Recently, our representatives were considering a four week paid maternity leave for federal employees. Any paid leave is better than none, but…four weeks? Really? At one month post-partum, I was still physically—and emotionally—a wreck, plus I was having visions from lack of sleep.

The issue of paid parental leave, especially for mother’s who have to physically recover from birth, is a big one for me. (As are plenty of other “social” issues—universal and affordable health care, anyone?) But during the course of daily life, I tend to lose sight of just how terrible our government is at providing the services people need. It often seems that our leaders would rather spend billions on subsidies for big business and war than on education, health care, and little things like roads and bridges.

Keep the money at home and make our communities stronger.

Paid maternity leave would be a good start.


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One Response to “Maternity leave”

  1. smilingcynic Says:

    Time for an international male block vote alliance. If interested, check my blog out. considering linking to me.

    Who knows what we can achieve together?

    Say no to all-female shortlists!!!!!!!!!

    say no to the inequality in parental leave

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