Toddler logic

Premise: Toddlers are so perfectly logical that they don’t make any sense half the time.

Proof #1: Jesse told Charlie, on a recent walk through the park, “Look, there’s a chipmunk!”

Charlie then told Mama: “Mama, a chip-monkey!”

Proof #2: We’ve been working on “asking nicely.” You know, instead of screaming bloody murder and flailing red-faced on the floor.

Charlie will begin to holler, and I’ll say, “Can you ask nicely?”

“Nicely!” he says.

Proof #3: We loaded up the internet broadcast of the Gospel Connection from Magic 98.1’s live stream. Once I had it up and running, we heard Pawpaw, Nanny, and Aunt Jenna gabbing and playing the southern gospel hits.

Charlie was so excited to hear them, especially when they said hello to him on the air.

“Pawpaw! Nanny! Jenna!” he said.

“Yes,” I said. “They’re going to play you a song.”

“Old MacDonald?”

“No. A different song.”

“Itsy Bitsy Spider?”

“Umm. No. Not this time.”

“Wheels on the Bus?”

Poor kid. He was requesting all the hits he knew!


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2 Responses to “Toddler logic”

  1. Jonathan Says:

    Speaking of your dad, he has been getting a thrashing in the local paper (in print and online) about sheriff election qualifying. So I called him up and left him a message saying that even though I didn’t agree with many of his political views, I did support his upholding the rule of law and thanked him for his public service. Anyway your mom called back about 10:30 and then puts your dad on the phone. I don’t know if he remembered me; for that matter I don’t know if he remembers the conversation as he sounded half-asleep, but he did thank me for the call. The End.

  2. Cevillia Says:

    Thanks for calling my dad. He’s gotten a bad rap on this thing. I’ve been keeping up with it on the daily news site, and I’ve had to put in a few cents myself.

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