Local politics

I could never be a candidate’s wife. All the vitriol and lies would be too much. I say this because my dad, who is a fair judge and not a politician, is caught up in a local political mess that is playing itself out online and in the LaGrange paper. I live very far away and it is still too much for me. [And, no, I’m not linking to any of that crap.]

It gives me an aggravation ulcer to see how mean folks can be to my daddy, especially when I’ve heard the details of the story as it progressed and I know that the people creating all the fuss are hotheads who want to camouflage their own mistakes.

So, Daddy, hang tight. You’re like Batman in the Dark Knight (which I got to see recently in a rare movie outing). You’re the hero the city needs, the one who must make unpopular choices for the better good. Or, in this case, for the letter of the law and fair elections.

We love you!


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