We’ve returned from our cross-country voyage intact, and as soon as we landed back in the boroughs Charlie began using some new words.

Now, he has mastered the power of uncertainty. Charlie’s every other answer is “maybe.”

It’s really adorable most of the time, like just now.

We read Green Eggs and Ham, along with many other books, after his nap this afternoon. Each time Sam-I-Am asked the cat if he wanted to try green eggs and ham, Charlie said, “Maybe!” He knows that the cat says no, no, no only to eventually say yes. So, yeah, that’s a maybe.

Also, today, when riding home on the bicycle, he asked if we could go see the “bunny-turtles” at the pet store. I said no. It was lunch time, and he was already getting punchy after our hour at the public pool.

“Maybe?” he asked.

I laughed. “No. Not right now.”

What power he has discovered, to no longer be trapped by yes or no. Now he can ‘not know’ or ‘wait and see’ or ‘think about the possibilities.’

Maybe is a whole new world.


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