Librarians with attitude

I’ve written before about our local library: the storytime so popular they had to call in a security guard and the often unhelpful staff.

I can’t say that I’ve gotten used to the poor service at our branch in the year that we’ve been here. I’m still spoiled by the librarians of my childhood who were always tolerant, helpful, and who actually wanted us to check out books.

But today’s librarian’s witty comment was too good to leave unblogged.

Charlie and I went to storytime. We survived. And then we were excited about books and ended up with a crazy stack of nearly a dozen to check out. As we were teetering to the counter and waiting our turn, we saw a librarian stacking some thrillers and other fiction on a shelf. A couple of the covers looked interesting, so I said, “Excuse me, are those ready to be checked out or are they on hold for someone?”

The librarian looked up at me and with no hesitation whatsoever replied, “These are adult books.”

“I know,” I said with a laugh. “I was thinking of them for me.”

Ah, Brooklyn librarians. Your charm astounds me.

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2 Responses to “Librarians with attitude”

  1. Carleton Place Public Library Says:

    Think of it as a compliment…..maybe you look MUCH younger than your age! 😉

  2. L. Miko Says:

    This is so cute! Gotta love librarians.

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