On Broadway

Last Thursday, I took Charlie to see “The Green Sheep,” a play—on Broadway!—geared to kids ages 1-5. That’s one fun thing about living in New York. You can just pick up and see a show, if you want.

Last week, we wanted, and we did. We played in the Sheep Meadow in Central Park, ate a big salad while we watched the clouds, fed the ducks, saw horses pulling carriages then headed to the theater.

The show was great, and they really had thought of the kids. The bathrooms had big, cushy changing tables, and a stool for washing hands. The theater was set up with interactive exhibits (coloring, sheep pictures, puppet-making) while we waited, and the show was done in the round, with lots of repetition, movement and music.

Charlie had a really good time, I think. He was very engaged during the performance and wanted to play with the props afterward. After all, it was about sheep and music—the play was made for him.


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    […] that reminds him of the giver. (He’s been recounting how he made a puppet with me at the sheep play, and how Renee and he made a paper fan in class—six months ago. Last week we made a bird […]

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