Our trip to Chicago

Our last summer trip, which happened not too long after Charlie got stitches, was to Lake Forest and Chicago to visit the DeWitt clan.

Grandma Margaret graciously hosted the whole gang with delicious home-cooked meals and tons of ideas for fun. The yummy breakfast cakes were made by Janelle, who has to take home ec in school even though, as evidenced by the quick disappearance of the peach cobbler, she really doesn’t need it. Charlie had a grand time traveling to and from the neighborhood playground and picking cucumbers fresh from the garden (and then eating them).

[I got a shot of Charlie and Grandma Margaret washing green beans together. It was a very sweet moment, especially since I remember washing okra with my grandma and loving it.]

We spent two days in the city, exploring the Shedd Aquarium and Millennium Park, which has the best water/play sculpture ever. And then we spent a lovely day in Lake Forest gadding about at the town art fair and lounging on the beach of Lake Michigan.

It was a wonderful trip, filled with good conversation, lots of fun, and the loud, raucous craziness that comes with a big clan all under one roof. Charlie nearly drove the newly teenaged Janelle bonkers with his adoration. (“Where’s Janelle? What’s Janelle doing? Janelle!”)

Don’t get too comfortable, Janelle. We’ll be back to visit sometime soon.


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