Charlie has a blue suitcase with his name embroidered on it. (Thanks, Niki, Keith and Jonah; Charlie loves it!)

After our first summer trip, the suitcase made a move out of the closet and into the bedroom where it has found permanent residence. It has held pinwheels and rubber snakes, wooden monkeys and a toy phone. Charlie says, “Mama, A, B, C, D–Charlie!”

Translation: “The letters on this suitcase spell Charlie!”

But my favorite suitcase game is the one where he pulls up the handle, drags it behind him and says, “Bye!”

“Where you going?”

Nanny and Pawpaw’s house. Have fun!”

A few minutes later he turns around, still dragging the suitcase. “I’m back!”

“Great. How was the trip?”


He’s been bitten by his parents’ travel bug already.


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One Response to “Suitcase”

  1. niki Says:

    Charlie is so cute…I’m glad he is making good use of his suitcase!

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