Zoo stories

Charlie has been talking so much lately. After two years of mostly just reading his body language, the complexity and creativity of his communication is amazing.

Last week, we went to the small zoo in Prospect Park, which we do pretty often. But this time, Charlie got food for the ducks and swans. He held it in his hand and threw the pieces into the water.

He was telling this story for days. He’d hold out his little hand and say, “Feed food hand, ducks swans, eat it.”

He wanted to tell Daddy, Nanny, Pawpaw, Gigi, Grandma Margaret, Jenna, Janelle, and his teachers, Jackie and Marlisa.

He was so proud to have fed the ducks, and he struggled so valiantly to pick just the right long string of words to express what he saw and did. It made my heart turn over with love. He’s such a little person now, with his own version of events.

I’m going to take him to the zoo again sometime soon, just so I can hear what his story will be next time.


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