It’s NOT Christmas season, but…

I have been thinking about lists of who’s been naughty, who’s been nice, and what kind of toys might be fun to play with since I seem to be drafted into the playroom on a regular basis.

We just got a kid catalog in the mail, and Charlie and I oohed and aahed over the blow-up backyard ball pit, the $200 firehouse playset, and the super cool castle tent with tunnel. So, I added a few of the (much smaller) items onto Charlie’s “wish” list. These are just ideas about what he might be interested in. If you’re looking to get more creative or a lot cheaper, Charlie loves a lot of other things too: pictures of people he knows, especially if he’s in the pictures; books of all kinds, used or new, especially those about animals and those with tabs, levers and pullys but not those with lights, buttons and sounds—go figure; music of all kinds, especially instruments he can play with; clothes that are warm and cute, he’s a size 4T; and anything personalized that reminds him of the giver. (He’s been recounting how he made a puppet with me at the sheep play, and how Renee and he made a paper fan in class—six months ago. Last week we made a bird feeder out of a milk carton and every day since he looks out the window and says, “Mama, we made that. Together.”)

And just for my mom, I’m also writing a list of ideas for me and Jesse. Right now, it’s sparse. She’ll have to wait until after Thanksgiving to find out more. Until then…Happy Halloween!


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