Just like Wall Street…

We had another crash!

After we got our computer up and somewhat running—still no program for downloading pictures and all of my favorite links are still not where they should be—half of a giant tree fell across our cable wire. The tree landed in our neighbor’s backyard. The episode gave us a chance to meet the nice people who live next door, since Time Warner cable couldn’t fix our connection without having access to their yard AND our downstairs neighbor’s roof/porch.

The downed line did not, thank goodness, interrupt any episodes of Gossip Girl or Mad Men. But I wasn’t able to get online, except at work, for FOUR days. I have learned: I need Google in my brain.

Now, I’m happy to report, we’re back up, and Charlie and I will be hanging out in the ‘hood tomorrow. Hopefully, we’ll create some good stories to share.


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