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Two solos

November 6, 2008

Charlie loves music.

Any time we’re biking or strolling around town, he distracts himself with songs. He sings everything he knows, sometimes mashing up one song with another. (A current favorite: “Rain, rain go away and have a good week.”) He gives concerts—on guitar, drums, and piano—and he will request old favorites time and time again from anyone who will sing them to him (his teacher, me, Aunt Jenna…). And, we still go to a weekly music class with Gina Samardge.

There, he sits back and listens, getting up to dance and romp only after he feels comfortable. But last week, he must have felt very confident. He walked into the class singing. The teacher was so impressed that she asked him to sing the same song when we came to that section in the class. (We cover our faces with colored scarves and sing “Where did everybody go?”)

He sang it. All by himself and in front of everyone.

This week, he did the echo song. He was so on pitch that two parents commented on his beautiful voice. (And, yes, I am so totally bragging right now. It’s a mom’s right.)

Charlie apparently inherited some of Nanny, Pawpaw and Aunt Jenna’s musical genes. Next thing you know, he’ll be joining Higher Hope.


Spot on

November 6, 2008

At storytime on Tuesday, Charlie was the star of the show!

He’s watched Miss Cindy do her thing for so long now that he named all the songs before she strummed them on her ukulele. Then, he took over the reading of Where’s Spot?

He loves that flap book, and he has it memorized. He reads it to me every time we check it out of the library. On Tuesday, he shouted out all the animals hiding in Spot’s house before Miss Cindy could even lift the flaps.

I thought his fervent shouting was cute and endearing. Luckily all the other adults in the room did, too.

Our favorite thing about election day

November 6, 2008

Every evening before bed, Charlie and I “talk about the day.” We go over what we did, what we saw and how we felt about it. Then we talk about our favorite parts. He often says his favorite part is “the bunnies and turtles”—even when we haven’t made a trip to the pet store that day. But sometimes he surprises me by choosing new things, like “saying ‘Woah, Daddy'” when we rented a Mini-Cooper for a Sunday drive in honor of Jesse’s birthday. That thing has pick-up; Charlie and I were both backseat drivers.

Yesterday, we went over the day’s events: storytime, new library books, voting, the playground, pizza for lunch, and a bike ride to the zoo.

Charlie said his favorite part was “voting for Barack Obama.”

I liked that part, too.

But my favorite part was when Obama won.