Two solos

Charlie loves music.

Any time we’re biking or strolling around town, he distracts himself with songs. He sings everything he knows, sometimes mashing up one song with another. (A current favorite: “Rain, rain go away and have a good week.”) He gives concerts—on guitar, drums, and piano—and he will request old favorites time and time again from anyone who will sing them to him (his teacher, me, Aunt Jenna…). And, we still go to a weekly music class with Gina Samardge.

There, he sits back and listens, getting up to dance and romp only after he feels comfortable. But last week, he must have felt very confident. He walked into the class singing. The teacher was so impressed that she asked him to sing the same song when we came to that section in the class. (We cover our faces with colored scarves and sing “Where did everybody go?”)

He sang it. All by himself and in front of everyone.

This week, he did the echo song. He was so on pitch that two parents commented on his beautiful voice. (And, yes, I am so totally bragging right now. It’s a mom’s right.)

Charlie apparently inherited some of Nanny, Pawpaw and Aunt Jenna’s musical genes. Next thing you know, he’ll be joining Higher Hope.


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2 Responses to “Two solos”

  1. Gina Samardge Says:

    What a lovely post to read! I miss you and Charlie in class. And, yes, brag away. Charlie has a great ear and was such a joy in music class.

  2. Cevillia Says:

    We miss your class! Just today we went up the hill to Windsor Shoes and Charlie talked non-stop about “Gina’s class.” I hope we can drop in at least once more before this session ends, and maybe the Winter session will work better for us. I’ve recommended you to everyone!
    Oh, and we loved your sing-along and turn as the sultan at the Chocolate Chip Chamber Music concert. Charlie kept asking why you were afraid of snakes. (I think he was remembering how well you get along with Sammy.) And we had a long discussion about *pretending* to be a sultan who was scared of snakes. 🙂

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