New boots

We had a snow storm today, as did much of the northern US. So Charlie had to wear his winter boots for the first time this season.

Man, we had an ordeal getting those things on his feet. He was opposed, to say the least.

We used distraction to get him buckled in. Then we didn’t give in when he wanted to take them off. Next, Jesse touted the glories of stomping in boots, marching in boots, and kicking snow in boots.

By the time we got to the subway, Charlie was thinking hard about his new boots. How they just might be kinda cool and how he might want to show them off.

When we walked into his classroom, he showed them to all of his teachers and most of his friends.

Then when I picked him up this evening, he showed me how much he loved his new boots by jumping in every slush puddle, snow bank and frosty corner he saw.


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One Response to “New boots”

  1. Nanny Says:

    We need to see your new boots & Elmo game Charlie, can you come back? Love Nanny & Pawpaw

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