Domestic Bliss

A big paint and crayon masterpiece, created an hour before, stood drying in the foyer.

Books were splayed across the wooden floor of the living room, where we’d left them when we decided to paint a picture for Daddy, Maryn and Patrick.

At the kitchen counter, I cleaned kale and chopped onions for a supper that would soon be steaming on the stove. Cheddar cheese biscuits warmed up from Amy’s Bread, sautéed kale, baked beans, fried salmon and mashed potatoes. For dessert, a pear-sauce spiced quick bread.

Charlie sat on the floor, feeding his caterpillar (a long chain belt from my closet) and working on his table (a wooden tool set brought by Santa Claus on his Georgia stop).

Our two big kitchen windows were filled with winter white, from the sidewalks to the treetops. A consistent shower of small flakes fell all day, cocooning us inside. Beautiful from our kitchen because we knew we didn’t have to commute today through the slushy streets.

Quiet, harmony, peace.

My home.


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One Response to “Domestic Bliss”

  1. Sofia Says:

    beautiful. The imagery is amazing. It leaves me salivating for the food, and wishing I could see the masterpiece.

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