Getting in…to kindergarten

So, Charlie won’t be going to kindergarten until September 2011, but I have been continuing my research on schools. (Hopefully I won’t have to change the sub-title of this site to Adventures in NYC Education.)

I have found several interesting public school options, as well as a few pie-in-the-sky private programs that I plan to tour, probably next fall since many of the tours ended in February.

Currently, the plan is to find an excellent public school that fits our family and move to that school zone. (First question on the tour: Do the kids watch TV? Second question: Do parents volunteer in the classrooms?)

But just because I’m a freak who craves as much information as possible about any topic I care passionately about, I added this blog, NYC Private Schools Blog to my feeds. You know, in case I win the lottery and can get Charlie into some place that costs more than the annual salary I received when I first moved to the city.

But just so I can share more of my neuroses with all of you who don’t live in the Big Apple with a child, below is a ten-minute clip from a documentary produced by Pamela French Films. I’m pretty sure we won’t end up at private school, just because of the cost, and still this video sent a rush of adrenaline through me.

The narrator references the parents with a “crazed look in the eye.”

Well, I’m one of ’em.



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2 Responses to “Getting in…to kindergarten”

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