I want a cow

After our heavy snow last night and this morning, Charlie’s daycare decided to close at 3:30. With only another hour or so until it was time for me to leave work, I decided to bring CW back to my office.

For the most part, this worked out okay. He only moved everything around; he didn’t break anything. However, the stickers, papers, pencils, books and other office supplies I had laid out for him were of limited interest. Instead, he wanted to play with all of my breakable bric-a-brac and my computer.

Since the computer was locked, I let him have it.

He scrolled the mouse and pushed the buttons on the keyboard, making it bing in protest.

After a few minutes, the binging and banging got to be a little wild, and I turned to see what he was doing.

“What’s up, buddy?”

He pointed to my default screen, which is a picture of blue sky and rolling green hills. “I want a cow on there.”

“A cow?” I asked, confused.

He pointed to the hills. “I want a cow on there, on the computer.” He pushed the mouse, and the buttons, and furrowed his forehead.

Suddenly, I saw the computer through his eyes.

Obviously, it’s magic.

You sit on an adult’s lap. You ask for monkeys dancing or kids singing. They search Google or YouTube with a few mouse strokes and keyboard clicks. Your request appears.

Makes perfect sense then that if he thinks about a cow and presses some buttons, it should appear.

So I pulled up YouTube and made it happen.


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One Response to “I want a cow”

  1. Laurence Hunt Says:

    This generation are growing up in a world that we will partially comprehend at best!

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