Pee in the hall

I’ve been meaning to post this for a couple of weeks now. (In my next post, you will see why this hasn’t happened.)

We’ve been taking the diaper off between wake-up and walk-out-the-door. Charlie was getting pretty good at pooping in the potty (when naked only), though he was still caught off guard by the pee. Once it slipped out, he would stand, or sit, in awe of his penis.

Well, the other day, as we were making breakfast, we heard water rushing. Jesse turned the corner and saw Charlie standing on our shoe mat, in Jesse’s work shoes, peeing right into them. Both he and Charlie stood there in shock. Luckily, Jesse needed to replace the shoes any way.

Jesse blogged about it on, for work, though the post was top edited and doesn’t really sound like his writing.

Now, Jesse’s new shoes go in the closet when the diaper is off.


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