Spring sickening

We were due, really.

We’d gone all winter with no major illnesses for any of us.

Then, two weekends past, Charlie had a high fever on Friday evening. Even though that weekend found the sun shining and warm for the first time in months, we all stayed indoors, postponing our fun plans for art shows and get-togethers.

The fever remained, low grade and not too intimidating, but accompanied by a cough, through Tuesday, which was when I took Charlie to see the pediatrician. Of course the day before that, Monday, I woke up vomiting and stayed in bed and asleep for the entire day. (I hate naps, so the constant sleeping was a big indicator: Mama’s NOT feeling good.) The trip to the doctor the next day exhausted both of us. No shots or big bad tests for Charlie. A mild flu, it’s going around, don’t worry unless the fever continues to the end of the week or gets worse.

So, we started the lung meds and the fever went away on Thursday. By Thursday night, I had caught his terrible cold and could not breathe through my mucus or move off the couch without complaining. Friday evening, his fever was back, mild but irritating. Saturday and Sunday saw crying jags, but nothing serious. He’s just tired from being under the weather all week, I thought. But Monday evening he came home with a temperature of 101.

That night it escalated. He woke up Tuesday morning with a temperature of 103.5. Even Tylenol every four hours didn’t break that fever’s back. He was listless, lethargic, not eating…so back to the doctor we went.

Only to find that his lungs were great.

This time it was scarlet fever.

I think my gut-clenching reaction must have shown on my face, because the doctor was quick to say that really it was strep throat with a scarlet fever rash. He’d be all better with 24 hours of antibiotics. (She said anyone who has read Little Women tends to react the way I did when she gives that diagnosis.)

So we’re home today. And true to her word, within eight hours of taking the antibiotics Charlie’s fever was gone. After this morning’s dose, the rash disappeared.

Antibiotics are amazing. They keep the Victorian deaths at bay.

Now, I’m knocking on wood that I don’t catch strep throat, especially since my Internet research has said adults don’t tend to get it unless they’ve recently had a cold, oh, and then it’s really serious. Yeah, nothing to worry about.

Zinc, vitamins and OJ here I come.


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3 Responses to “Spring sickening”

  1. J Says:

    Funny, I also blogged about this on Parenting. http://forums.parenting.com/blogs/daily-fave/posts/scarlet-fever-its-not-just-little-women-anymore

    I need to stop by more often, or start reading my RSS feeds again, or stop being so busy, or get a new computer. One.

  2. Sofia Says:

    I can vouch for the terribleness of adult strep throat. I hope none of you got it! and J – I had no idea you had such a shiny-happy blog! I love it!

  3. J Says:

    Hey Sofi! I’m on blog rotation every other Thursday over at Parenting. Come on over sometime!

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