Potty training

He did it!

Charlie is now in big boy pants all day long, except for sleeping.

It was a process. We started when he was 18 months by buying a potty and talking about pee and poop. Then we practiced. For a long time. He played with the potty. He found a love of flushing, pulling out long strands of toilet paper and building towers and drums out of the toilet paper rolls.

But it wasn’t until after he was three that we decided to get serious about it. We took off the diaper whenever we were at home. With hardwood floors, messes were easy to clean. Then, when we went to the theater to see a small circus (he was in a diaper), he announced he had to pee. He left the show, walked down four flights of stairs and used the big potty. It was a milestone.

So then we tried underwear and pants around the house, along with very short trips to the playground or music class. That stage took a while to master. The first time he wore underwear for a long trip, about six hours total, it was when we took the subway to the Central Park Zoo.

Even when he had the pee part down, he still had trouble holding in the poop, or making it to the bathroom when he was really tired.

But, the Tuesday after Memorial Day, he finally wore underwear to daycare. No non-nap accidents so far!

It’s going so well I’m even thinking he can wear underwear during our long drive down to Tennessee next week!



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