Click, Clack, Moo

click clack moo
The cast of Click, Clack, Moo. Photo by Joan Marcus.

Today, I decided to brave a “free ticket” extravaganza for a chance to see Click, Clack, Moo brought to life on the Lucille Lortel stage. There was surprisingly little hassle in getting a seat, and it was an absolutely delightful performance.

Charlie and I started the day slowly, hanging out by our lonesomes in the community garden. (It took two and a half years to get a key to the place; totally worth it.) He got dirty, grassy and bugged up. I got relaxed in the shade, plus turned compost and dumped out standing water. Then we moseyed to the playground, ate a light lunch at the local cafe (complete with time in the kids’ toy corner) and took a short nap.

In the early afternoon, we took the good ol’ F train to W. 4th Street where Charlie’s very loud rendition of “Sing” was greatly admired by other subway riders. One guy said, “Dude, you should do a record.”

We strolled through the West Village, buying and devouring fresh summer tomatoes from the farmers market, stopping to admire the fountain in the square, and making our way to the awesome children’s room at the library on Leroy. They have lots of toys–blocks, dollhouses, rocking horses, dinosaurs, and even a slide–plus about four times as many books as at our local branch.

Charlie, who is wonderfully kind to babies, made a quick friend of Jack, a 17-month-old who was soon following CW everywhere. Charlie, in exchange, was calling, “Jack, sit here. Jack, let’s read this book together. Jack, do you want a dinosaur?”

Then we saw the kids out the window playing in the sprinklers downstairs. We joined them, and swang and slid and ate more tomatoes.

About an hour before the show, we walked down to Christopher Street for tickets, then visited a store selling clothes for dogs and ate a banana muffin on a secluded park bench in the garden at St. Luke’s church.

When it was time for the show, we met Jesse, took our seats, laughed uproariously and clapped long and loud when it was done. Only in NYC can free children’s theater be so darn good.

Then we ate at Cowgirl, where I had the best pulled pork sandwich I’ve had since Melear’s, about twenty years ago. The difference must be in the tangy vinegar sauce.

A happy day. One that makes all the crap in this city worth taking.


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One Response to “Click, Clack, Moo”

  1. Sofia Says:

    awesome! Sounds like an amazing day.

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