Charlie has memorized Brown Bear, Brown Bear and now wants to read it (and every other book) to me, instead of the other way around. He carries Franklin and the Thunderstorm around on our every commute, flipping through it so much that it’s getting ragged. It’s a hoot to watch him turn the pages and read the story aloud, even when he doesn’t know what the words say.

Or maybe he knows more about the words than I give him credit for.

Not only does he notice the word ‘zoo’ any time he sees it, he’s now spelling a few other things.

We passed a subway ad about heat advisories and Charlie said, “Mama, that says ‘hot’.” And it did.

And the other day, I said to Jesse, “Maybe we can get some P-I-Z-Z-A.” Charlie replied, “I want some pizza.”

Soon, I won’t be able to tell any secrets by spelling them out!


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One Response to ““Reading””

  1. Liz Says:

    That’s when you start using pig latin.

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