More of the movie Getting In…Kindergarten

I posted part one of “Getting In…Kindergarten” a while back.

For those who have an interest in seeing more parents confront NYC private school admissions, parts two, three, and four are now available on Youtube.

The emphasis on testing in this film and in the whole school process is especially interesting in light of a book I just read, Nurtureshock by Po Bronson and Ashley Merryman. It seems that IQ is very flexible and can gain or drop 15 points from the age of 4 to the teenage years, and many really smart kids don’t actually have fully developed intelligence until they are 11 or 12, way beyond the time that schools test for that kind of thing.

(Of course that also means that those IQ tests I took in first grade, to get me into the gifted program, are null by now. I could be 15 IQ points less intelligent than I was in kindergarten. Hmm. It does kind of feel that way sometimes.)


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