Wolves and child-catchers

We spent this weekend gobbling up NYC shows and films (and unplugging from the computer due to work turmoil.)

We saw Peter and the Wolf at the New Victory Theater, and Chitty-Chitty Bang-Bang at the Tribeca Cinemas kids festival.

Charlie has never been a kid who loves to be scared, and we’ve deliberately chosen not to expose him to much violence in media. (In real life, it’s sort of unavoidable.) But he’s warming up to the idea that the dangerous can be scary and memorable.

In Peter, he was terrified when the wolf ate the duck, and asked after the duck’s location for the rest of the piece. When the duck came out for a bow, Charlie was ecstatic that the bird was alive. His favorite part of the show, he said, was when the wolf ate the duck, seeming to forget that he was squirming the whole time.

In Chitty-Chitty Bang-Bang, which was a very long movie in my opinion, he was riveted to the screen, pointing out all the animals and asking questions.

[An aside: The two seven-year-old girls in the bathroom gave this movie an enlightened review. Girl 1 said, “I thought it was a charming film.” Girl 2 said, “So did I…and then it slid sideways.” So correct!]

His favorite part of the movie, he said, was the child-catcher–the terrifying man who lures the kids into a cage with promises of free lollipops and ice cream. But then he made me promise that the child-catcher was not coming here to see us.

It seems that the complex idea of danger is one we’ll be discussing more now that he can understand some layers of nuance.


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