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Christmas favorites

December 17, 2009

Charlie’s version of “O Christmas Tree:”

O Christmas Tree, O Christmas Tree
You are so brightly
I love you.

Charlie’s impression of the Catholic church’s holiday display:

When the dozens and dozens of trees and angels in the church’s yard were lit for the first time, Charlie said it looked like his “imagination.”

And when they put up the manger scene, minus Baby Jesus since he doesn’t arrive until Christmas, Charlie said it was the “mystery of the missing Baby Jesus!”

Merry Christmas, everyone!


Playing Santa

December 4, 2009

When I picked up Charlie this afternoon for his flu shot, the first thing he said was, “Mama, today we played Santa!”

“Who played with you?”

“NoahCheng and Jonathan.”

“How do you play?” I asked.

“You say, ‘Ho, Ho, Ho! Merry Christmas, everyone!'”

Oh, of course.


December 4, 2009

Charlie and Santa

So we did a lot more than just Macy’s Santaland when Kylie and Kathryn came to visit last week, but that was definitely a highlight. (Charlie had to go back the next day–hence the two Santa photos–and see if the Penguin and the Moose, who were there last year, were anywhere to be found. They stayed at the North Pole this year. Charlie said that made him sad and he wanted to go tell Santa Claus about it.)

On the first day, we saw Times Square, Toys R Us, the M&M store, Rockefeller Center, the NBC store, a Japanese bakery where we ordered things we didn’t recognize (but that were delicious) and the Rockettes! Somehow Kylie was unaware that Thanksgiving weekend is the biggest tourist weekend in the city, so she was willing to brave the insane crowds–at least until we all got hungry.

On Saturday, we stayed closer to home. Kylie said our neighborhood looks kind of like Sesame Street, and I have to agree. It’s a great little area, quiet, tree-lined and residential. I’ll take that over Times Square any day! We bounced at Bounce U, ate phenomenal pizza, and saw the winter boardwalk of Coney Island. Then Kylie and I caught a late show of New Moon. (I enjoyed it, but still couldn’t help laughing at the cheesy parts.)

On Monday, we braved the city once again, getting as close as we could while remaining on land to the Statue of Liberty; exploring Macy’s Santaland, including the Miracle on 34th Street puppet show; having tea and scones at Alice’s Tea Cup, after we’d been sprinkled with fairy dust and provided with Wikki Stix.

The girls had an early flight on Tuesday, and we miss them a lot. Luckily, there are only three weeks exactly until we see them again. Thanks for coming up, ladies!

Two tongues

December 4, 2009

Charlie and Jesse with tongues out

What do you call a fishing rod?

December 4, 2009

When Kylie and Kathryn came for a visit right after Thanksgiving, they brought a gift from Nanny and Pawpaw–a magnetic bird puzzle that included a “fishing rod” with a magnet at the end.

Charlie has been fascinated by puzzles recently, and he loved this addition to his collection. He has two other magnetic puzzles, one of cars and one of birds, and we’ve been calling the magnetic stick a “fishing rod” for a while now.

The other day, though, when Charlie was playing puzzles with Jesse he called that piece a “fetching rod.”

Makes perfect sense to me!