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Mohonk Mountain House

January 28, 2010

mohonk in winter

I love Mohonk, even though I’ve only been there three times now. They had a special over MLK day, and all of us happened to have the holiday off this year. So, convincing ourselves this was an early anniversary present (when we usually don’t celebrate our anniversary), we went to Mohonk.

It snowed while we were there, and we saw a “winter deer” eating in the forest. We swam in the indoor pool, twice. And tried ice skating, snow shoeing and cross-country skiing. Charlie tried them all, too, having the most success with the shoeing.

When he first put on the ice skates, he couldn’t even stand on them without his ankles turning over. By the time we were done (about twenty minutes?) he could at least walk on the blades across the floor. He never did master standing on the ice. The poor kid had legs splayed out in all directions, arms hanging on to us and the wall, knees scraping the ice, saying, “I want to ICE SKATE!” As if we were somehow keeping him from gliding away. Maybe we’ll look for mommy and me lessons; I wouldn’t mind knowing how to go all the way around the rink without falling down.

I will try to add photos when I can. Jesse took quite a few beautiful shots. He’s got the skills when it comes to capturing things on (digital) film. We’re supposed to be getting a new desktop computer soon, which will allow us to store photos, network up this little laptop and share photos more easily. I hope.


Back and forth

January 28, 2010

When Charlie gave me a hug tonight and said, unprompted, “You are the most best Mama in the whole wide world,” it was almost enough to make me forget my aggravation this morning when he rolled on the floor screaming instead of putting on his clothes.

One day he’ll understand that putting clothes on now means getting to work on time 40 minutes from now. But probably by that time, he won’t think of me as the most, best Mama any more.

So, I will focus on the positive and be happy that I can sometimes walk fast enough to make up the lost time.

We love Bello!

January 15, 2010

Big Apple

We went to the Big Apple Circus tonight, our second annual visit with Grandma the Clown. We ate popcorn and ooh’d and aah’d. They have an amazing group of performers, and this time Bello the clown was the star of the show.

The wheel of wonder nearly made my heart stop! It takes some talent to make death-defying stunts look like they are done accidentally, by a clown.

Charlie loved the horses, of course, and the dogs. And Grandma the clown. See how she wears a red dress and yellow stockings?

Grandma the clown

After the show, we had to stop by the grocery store and the woman in line in front of us was wearing a yellow dress with red stockings.

Charlie said, “Hey, Granny.”

The woman was probably 40.

I don’t think she heard him, thank goodness. But I got my tickle-box turned over anyway.

Jenna’s got a new blog, y’all

January 9, 2010

Check out Jenna’s new wedding blog: