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A future Olympian

February 20, 2010

Last night, while we were watching Evan Lysacek’s magnificently graceful Olympic performance, Charlie woke up to go to the bathroom.

As he headed back to the bedroom, the TV caught his eye.

“Look, he’s ice skating,” Charlie said. “Just like us.”


8 hours later and it’s still snowing

February 10, 2010

I’m pulling the sled.

Stick and sled
He’s making use of a stick.

Snow pizzas, snow cakes that we cut, snow balls, snow angels, half of a snow man, a really long walk to the park and a long lunch with friends at the cafe…then another bout of snow building on the walk home.

And it’s still snowing!

We’ve got a snow day!

February 10, 2010

Our bird feeder

The view from our kitchen window

We’ve seen some snow this winter, but today it’s really coming down!

The weather folks say lunchtime should bring blizzard-like conditions. Jesse says he’s from Pennsylvania where they walk through 20 feet of snow from December to May. He pshaws the blizzard-like conditions. Charlie and I are excited to get out while its still sweet and then drink hot cocoa when it gets blizzardy.

My office is closed, alternate-side parking is suspended and I found an awesome disc sled last night at Save on Fifth. Let the snow fun begin!

A New Yorker on the potty

February 4, 2010

nyer dogs

When this cover came in the mail today, boy was Charlie excited. Funny dogs! Wearing coats! Upstairs, he wanted to take the magazine into the bathroom while he pooped.

He never reads while he poops!

Nice that his first potty read was oh-so-sophisticated.

new yorker on the potty

My favorite part

February 4, 2010

So after a long, hard day, Charlie and I settled under the covers to read books and talk about our “favorite parts.”

“My favorite part,” I said, skipping over the meetings and phone calls and emails I took care of at work, “was giving you a big hug at Teddy Bears class, riding home with you on the train and saying ‘Pss, I love you.'”

Charlie turned to me with a big smile and said, “That was my favorite part, too.”

Nudey hockey players

February 4, 2010

As we flipped through the on-demand channels tonight looking for Blue’s Clues, the remote got stuck on WWE.

Charlie sat upright and yelled, “What are those NUDEY mens doing on the hockey station?!”


No wonder the world makes no sense when you’re three.