We got in!

(Photo courtesy of the GHS Web site, featuring GHS students actively learning in 2008)

We received an acceptance letter from Greene Hill School yesterday! This was our top choice school, and after nearly twenty school tours, I didn’t see a single other school that could compare to what’s on offer at Greene Hill.

On our list of what we want for Charlie’s everyday school life, this school hit all but two items. (Those two being: that it costs money and it’s located outside our current neighborhood–although we may end up moving closer to the school to take advantage of the neighborhood-centered aspects of the school philosophy. That is, if we have any money left after paying tuition.)

The progressive curriculum is not right for every family–I quickly learned during this school odyssey that every family has their own idea about the ideal education for their child. Some want long days filled with desk-work; we wanted something more open, more independent, more involved with the surrounding city. A day informed by creativity and narrative. Plus, some element of free time during the day, which is too-often missing in schools.

There is a long, long list of things we love about this school, that we think will help Charlie thrive and foster in him a sense of learning as something that’s fun. If I listed everything, you’d probably politely walk away. I’m used to that reaction from those not in the midst of school-mania since my conversation has been focused on the school search and education for too long. I’ll spare you the details right now. (If you really want to know, comment and I’ll fill you in.)

For us, for Charlie, Greene Hill School is our realistic ideal. I am so excited about this acceptance that I honestly don’t have the words to express it.


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One Response to “We got in!”

  1. Sofi Says:

    Congrats!!!! I’m so excited for you guys. It sounds like you’ve found a wonderful place for Charlie, and, just as importantly, for your family! Charlie is so lucky to have parents ready and able to sort through it all to find the right fit for the family. Yipeeee!!

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