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Monkey Face

June 29, 2010

Jesse got us a surprise for our upcoming road trip to Myrtle Beach–monkey masks!

There’s one for each of us, and I think we’re supposed to wear them in the car so that people will do a double-take. After trying them on, we’ve decided there will be no monkey drivers, only passengers.

Charlie liked his a lot.


Gina’s Farewell Concert

June 29, 2010

This weekend, we attended Gina Samardge‘s Farewell Concert.

She held a sing-along on a hill in Prospect Park and many of her students and fans came out to say good-bye. She’s just moving up the river, to Beacon, and she’ll be back every so often, but it’s the end of her regular seasons of sing-alongs and classes.

We’ll miss her a great deal. We have both of her CDs, but recordings are not the same as live music. Gina has such a wonderful way of letting kids move at their own pace, and that really comes out when she’s singing right in front of you.

This summer has seen so many changes–no more Musical Stew with Gina, the last summer at daycare before starting school in the fall–we’re all growing up around here.

I guess it’s normal to be nostalgic and a little lonesome for the baby and toddler stages that used to be, even as I am amazed at the new and astounding things Charlie can do, say and ask about.

So, for old time’s sake, here’s a very short video from Charlie’s first season of music classes with Gina. (He tended to spend most of them sitting in my lap.)

And here is a short clip of my tall, tall boy at Gina’s farewell concert. He’s the one in the white T-shirt.

Come back soon, Gina!

Museum Trip

June 29, 2010

Last week, Charlie’s daycare class visited the American Museum of Natural History to see the dinosaurs. We had a fun subway ride, a museum exploration and then lunch in the cafeteria.

Click on the pic of Charlie and his good friend Jonathan to see more photos.

Jonathan and Charlie

Father’s Day 2010 at the Met

June 29, 2010

daddy and charlie

Easter Sunday

June 17, 2010

We made eggs and visited with the Nowadly-Plaches in Prospect Park for an egg hunt.


Charlie’s 4th Birthday

June 17, 2010

Before we headed down to GA for Jenna’s wedding, we celebrated Charlie’s birthday.

We decided to stop at a B&B farm in southwest Virginia as part of our road trip down South and as a gift for Charlie. Then, when several kids in his class had birthday parties, he wanted to know when *his* party would be. So we added a low-key (but insanely loud) Chuck E. Cheese party before the road trip.

Chuck E., then the birthday farm, Jenna’s wedding, a visit with the cousins, the trip back home and Easter Sunday (pictures coming). It was a busy, busy spring.

But worth it. Charlie still talks about feeding the goats and playing with the baby goats at the birthday farm. We even got to see some goats being born.

Click on the photo for the whole set of birthday pics, Chuck E., goats and all.

petting the horse

Jenna’s wedding, my photos

June 17, 2010


Cousins playing loudly, in a tent

June 17, 2010

From our trip to GA for Jenna’s wedding in April.

Greene Hill School’s raw space

June 17, 2010

A few photos from my spring tour of the new Greene Hill School space on Adelphi Street. They’ll be renovating (painting, cleaning and decorating—the woodwork and windows stay) over the summer.


Four generations

June 17, 2010

During our last visit to PA, in April, we visited with Pap. Here’s a photo of four generations together.

From left to right in the front: Stacy, Charlie, Gigi, Pap; in the back: Uncle Richard, Jesse, Nate.

Pap and the boys