Flying monkeys don’t live in a zoo


I watched Inkheart with Charlie this past weekend. (This is a story about “silver tongues” who can bring characters to life when they read books aloud.)

Of course, when I told Charlie that the characters from books were coming to life, he wanted to know what a character was, and we spent a long time thinking about characters. (The Mama and The Daddy are characters in the Three Little Pigs, you know.)

At one point in the movie, the hero walks through a dungeon filled with imaginary creatures: a unicorn, a minotaur, flying monkeys from the Wizard of Oz and a ticking alligator from Peter Pan.

Are they in the zoo? Charlie wanted to know. I told him they were in a dungeon. He didn’t ask what a dungeon was—maybe he thought it was a new kind of zoo.

I tried to explain again that the creatures were from stories, characters that came to life and were captured in the dungeon.

He thought about this. “From stories?” he asked. “Stories about a zoo?”

After much, much discussion, he finally accepted that those particular kinds of animals–the imaginary kind–don’t live in zoos.

Several times that night and into the next day, he would get my attention at random moments and say, “Mama, flying monkeys don’t live in a zoo. And unicorns don’t either.”

I think Wizard of Oz and Peter Pan have to be next on the book and movie list.


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3 Responses to “Flying monkeys don’t live in a zoo”

  1. mary-theresa Says:

    love him and this!!!!

  2. Aunt Jenna Says:

    That is adoreable. It’s so neat how kids process things. Miss y’all

  3. Stacy Boyd Says:

    I know! I’m often amazed and amused by him.

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