Our road trip to North Myrtle Beach

For the Fourth of July, we took a road trip to North Myrtle Beach. We spent Saturday to Saturday relaxing with family, swimming, reading, lazing around, eating ice cream and seeing the sights.

It’s been more than a month since we got back, but just last week, when we were at the swings, Charlie asked me if I remembered how we saw Pirate Pete, how Kathryn and Ethan rode with him in his car, how we caught little fish at the beach and covered Uncle David with sand, how we used the big shovel that Nanny bought, how Pawpaw read books to him and Sam, how he and I rode the Ferris Wheel and saw “all of Myrtle Beach.”

It was so fun. We’ve been wishing we could go back since we left. Here’s our photos and videos from the trip.

From our tent at Allaire State Park in NJ to our stay at the condo in North Myrtle Beach.

Loading the car on the Cape May-Lewes ferry.

Pawpaw, Charlie and Sam reading a Toy Story 3 book.

When I tell the cousins to shut off the TV, this is what happens.


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