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Changing schools

September 13, 2010

Fedkids teddy bears

This fall was really hard for me, and maybe for Charlie too. It was hard to see through my tears.

He moved from Fedkids, where he had been since the age of 4 months, to Greene Hill School.

There was a graduation day at Teddy Bears class. I have many long videos of the procession and the songs, but I’ve just inserted a small clip of his enthusiastic eating of a cupcake.

Greene Hill School has gotten off to a good start. Charlie has made some new friends and we’ve entered the world of play dates. My social calendar has never been so packed.

Greene Hill School photos:
on the bus

Play date with Nevin at the Bronx Zoo:
Zoo with Nevin


Nanny and Pawpaw come to visit

September 10, 2010

Pawpaw in a monkey mask

Nanny and Pawpaw came to Brooklyn in September, to help out between schools. They were great sports, even going so far as to don the car trip monkey mask.

Old teachers, new teachers

September 1, 2010

Yesterday was Charlie’s last official day at Fedkids. I almost made it through the day without tears. It was only saying good-bye and giving hugs that brought crying at the last minute.

After sitting down last night to draw pictures for Maggie, Jackie and Ryan–his Teddy Bears teachers–he said, “I think my teachers are going to miss me because I’m going on vacation.”

Yes, I said, we are going on vacation. (If I can ever get us packed and out the door–maybe tomorrow.) But we won’t be back to Teddy Bears for a long while. We may visit in a few months.

He nodded his head, then said, “I think Matrice [my boss] will miss you when we’re on vacation. And my teachers will miss me.”

I’m sure they will, I said. Vacation is a lot more understandable than graduation, I guess.

Then this morning we had a home visit with Charlie’s new teachers, Sally and Sharyne, from Greene Hill School. They were extremely gracious and welcoming. We had to fill out an information sheet for them to take back with them, and one of the questions regarded Charlie’s interests. I try to pay attention to what he likes, but sometimes I get it wrong. I wrote down several things, the top two being music and animals.

He really hit it off with his new teachers, telling them all about his Sesame Street dolls (the whole lot of them), about how we were going to cat-sit for our friend Hudson’s cat, about his puzzles and Legos. When they asked what he liked to do in his play room, he said, “Play music.” And when they asked if he had any questions about his new classroom, he asked if there would be pets.

I was glad to see I’d written down the right things!

Labor Day trip to PA

September 1, 2010

Charlie and the pepperoni

Between Charlie’s old school letting out and his new school beginning, we took a road trip to PA to visit friends and family.

We also wanted it to be a real road trip, so we camped out for two nights at RB Winter State park in central PA. If you’re traveling through, I highly recommend it. The campground was well-maintained and quiet; it has a swimming beach with some shady spots for dozing; some lovely hiking trails; and a nature center with tons of games, activities and puppets.

Other highlights were a lunch with Izaak and Dorah, Meadows custard in Altoona, visiting Pap and Elaine, seeing Gigi and “her” dogs, re-discovering cousin Riley (and all his grown-ups) and the elephants at the Pittsburgh zoo.