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October 31, 2010


Charlie decided to be a pumpkin for Halloween, again. This is the same costume Gigi made him for his first Halloween.

When he was not yet one, he was in the stroller, swallowed nearly whole. When he was one, he could walk in it, but he didn’t want to. When he was three, he was a monkey (but didn’t want to wear the mask). This year, he wore the heck out of that pumpkin, and he trick or treated so fast, I couldn’t keep up.

He also helped decorate the ghost cake.


What comes out of his mouth

October 24, 2010

pumpkins and seeds

Today, we made jack o’lanterns and roasted the pumpkin seeds. We only roast seeds once a year, during the Halloween season, but they are so yummy that I always ask myself why we don’t do it more often. (My answer is always: because of the orange pumpkin goop that gets everywhere! It’s messy, but it is what makes the seeds so delicious.)

After we bought tiny tea lights to go in the pumpkins, Charlie wanted to know how we made the jack o’lanterns glow.

I said, “We need a match to light them.”

He pulled two tea lights out of the big bag and said, “I found a match! See.”

True, they looked exactly the same. But they weren’t going to light themselves without that other kind of match.

Today’s interaction made me remember that I had this blog post lingering in the drafts folder, where I collected a few funny or endearing things Charlie has said over the past few very busy months.

First, the other day, he said his favorite part of the day was the strings and glue in the art room at school. “Do you have those at your office?” he asked.

When I said, no, I didn’t. He comforted me by saying, “You have a stapler. So you can make books! A lot of books!”

I thought about the cute paper books we had stapled a while back and the many, many books I work on every day as a book editor. I laughed and said, “Yes, I can make books. In fact, that’s what I do all day long.”

Then, another day, we saw a boy get on the bus carrying a plastic short sword with a gold handle and a black sheath. “Mama,” Charlie said, in awe, “where did he get that magic wand?”

The other night, Charlie said, as he was going to bed, that he didn’t like the dark. Why? I asked. Because monsters are in the dark.

“I checked,” I said, “and there are no monsters here, not in the whole apartment.”

“What about at Veronica’s [our downstairs neighbor]?”

Well, I couldn’t check her apartment, I said, but she keeps her doors closed and locked. “So we don’t have to worry about monsters there.”

“What about Chino’s [the store downstairs]?”

“Well, he has big metal doors that he pulls down when he closes up and that will keep all the monsters inside.”

He was okay with that…for now.

Finally, when we have dinner together at home, Charlie always says, “Thank you for making everything, Mama. You’re the best cooker in the whole wide world.” Take that, future daughter-in-law!