It’s Christmas time!

Gingerbread house

I’ve started a Christmas photo set on Flickr. Check back regularly to click on the photo above for new pictures.

We got our Christmas cards back from Snapfish a few days ago, and I realized I better get in gear updating this blog! Once our summer vacation trip ended, way back in July, I somehow went too far offline.

Between my new job in August, our trip to PA over Labor Day, and Charlie’s transition to Greene Hill School in September, I have been alternately too busy, too worried, too stressed and too lazy to keep up with all the photo-taking, communicating and blogging necessary for mothering.

Since we put the web address on the cards again this year, I knew I needed to update my photos for all the relatives. There are several new blog posts and photo sets in the archives under September, October and November.

My New Year’s resolution has come early this year: keep up with this blog! Even when I can’t share all the dirty details, it’s nice to have a record of what’s happening in Charlie’s life. He’s changing so fast, and looking back at his ideas, photos and videos makes me realize how far he’s come.


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