Correction: Next year is 2011

To those of you who have received our holiday card without noticing our glaring error–thank you for overlooking it!

To those of you who thought we might have gone crazy–you are, of course, right.

Next year is not 2010, even though our card says it might be. My tired, thirty-something eyes managed to skip right over the wrong year when proofing the dang thing. At least the web address is right, so you can hopefully read this correction.

I discovered the wrong year this morning, after I had sent out half the cards. This mistake was followed by forgetting to pick up milk, neglecting to move the car for alternate side parking and failing to show up at the designated location to pick up my winter share CSA. At least I remembered to go to work and to pick up Charlie from his after-school play date.

My thoughts on why my brain seems to be missing half its pieces:
1) I’m getting old.
2) I have too much to do.
3) Charlie has kept me awake every night since before Thanksgiving asking for blankets, water, company to the bathroom and various other requests. He’s recently moved to a new bed and is not yet fully accustomed to it.

I think it’s #3. I hope it’s #3. That at least means there is the hope of eventually sleeping and making fewer mistakes.

In the meantime, I have to go check on the water I left running and the pot that’s been on the stove too long. Ugh.


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