Snow day–all month long


This month has been insane. Of course, the holidays were insane. Maybe that makes January’s insanity even worse.

During December, everyone is busy. When you are too busy to breathe, in December, there is a level of acceptance. In January, the expectations are different.

We returned to Brooklyn from our GA road trip on New Year’s Eve. Then we had two days of laziness before everything kind of fell apart.

Charlie was sick for two days the first week back. Then we were swamped with teacher meetings and follow-up calls about issues that may call for extra assistance (and isn’t that stress a whole different story).

The next week included an MLK holiday and a Friday when I left work early to see Charlie’s end-of-semester performance with his theater class.

We started this week knowing the schedule was tight. Charlie’s school was closed for half a day on Tuesday, so Jesse planned to take the day off, and I had back-to-back meetings all day on Monday, followed by two days of jam-packed conference-learning on Tuesday and Wednesday.

Then CW got sick over the weekend! The nerve of those germs!

So Jesse was out of work on Monday and Tuesday, and had to leave early Wednesday so he could do pick up and drop off. We were all three ready to get back into the swing of things today when the clouds dropped 19 inches on us.

Snow day, and another day out of the office.

I have to admit I was a bit grumpy about it at first.

But I got in the spirit of things, helping CW make a snowman and walk in snow up to his thighs, my knees. We had lunch at a Thai place and then made hot chocolate and popcorn to munch on while watching Toy Story 2.

Now, can someone please tell the universe it is time to slow down with the disruptions for a bit so I can breathe?


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