Wintery favorite parts

These are mine today:

–After school, instead of waiting for the bus, we walked to the train. It took much longer, but kind of felt like an adventure. We stopped at the pet food store to see the resident tabby cat. We found a stick and a “gumball yo-yo.” We poked ice piles–big snowy ones, small “skin-like” ones, crunchy ones on the stairs, melty ones too. My fingers were numb from poking.

–Charlie loved that we met the mailman (who was a woman) today in our lobby. She gave the mail right to us!

–As I was reading aloud from a zoo book, Charlie noticed that the red panda’s name, Chao, started with the same sound as his name. Not just the CH, but the CHA.

–Sometimes, about one minute before he falls asleep, he says more than he’ll usually say when awake. Tonight, he listed all the things he wants to show me about his classroom at the family conference. The Magna tiles, the crayons for rest time, the games and puzzles. They have a game called “Who Are You?,” he said, which was his teacher’s grandmother’s game.

–And I’m glad I took a day off to go with him on his field trip to the transit museum yesterday. It was fun to see the class dynamic, and we had an awesome tour guide. I also got to sit on a 107-year-old train car and hear how things used to be. Best of all, when I thanked Charlie for letting me come on his trip. He said, “Thank YOU, Mama, for coming with me to the museum. I’m so glad we saw it together,” and then he gave me a hug. (We also got into a fight, before this, because he knocked down some boxes of strawberries at the corner grocery and I made him apologize to the store clerk who had to pick them up. I was very proud that Charlie actually did apologize, even though he was very sad after we walked away.)

–He names everything Nicky. Our fish, his Zou Zou pet, his stuffed dog… When the prairie dog in our zoo book didn’t have a name, I said we could name him whatever we wanted. Guess what Charlie picked?


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