Winter Break

Charlie and Nevin

Monday: Charlie and I saw the Sesame Street Live show. We ate popcorn, sang all the songs we knew and then met his dad for hamburgers and ice cream.

Tuesday: Charlie stayed at Nevin’s house. They went to the Children’s Museum and played with Toy Story dolls.

Wednesday: Nevin stayed with me and Charlie. We went to Bounce U, ate pizza, saw sea creatures at the Chinese grocery store, bought pastries at the bakery, played at the playground and flew a kite. They only managed to pull out about half the toys in the house.

Thursday: Our dear friend Ruth watched Charlie. They started at our place, and made their way to hers. They made raspberry pancakes. We forgot to leave a key, so I had to go home at lunch and drop it off. Then she forgot to ask him to go to the bathroom before their walk…. I told Ruth that everyone who watches kids gets pooped and peed on at least once.

Friday: Ruth watched Charlie again, at her place, but it was raining and they stayed inside all day. There was a lot of TV, some pop-up books and a hammock. They made smoothies, a bagel face and a helicopter. Ruth was worn slap out. I tried to reassure her that indoor days were hard for everyone, and I brought her thank-you flowers. I still owe her a bottle of wine.

Saturday: A morning at home with Legos followed by an impromptu trip to the Lego store with Dad for more little men, and a search for some pop-up books at the Strand.

Sunday: We’ll try to gear up for school on Monday, though I don’t think any of us are ready.


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