Baby pictures

bouncy chair

Since Charlie’s birth, five years ago this month, we’ve had five computers go kaput. We kept them all, hoping to have things recovered. So far, we’ve gotten things off three out of four. The fifth is still in waiting.

I keep thinking the next recovery will have the baby photos and videos we seem to be missing. I have some photos from when Charlie was about six months old, because that’s when I went part-time and began this blog. From that point on, most of my photos are backed up on Flickr, and most of my videos are backed up on YouTube. But our time at the hospital all the way through the first six months are lost, for now.

This past week, though, I happened upon a few images that I’d sent around the office and stored on my work computer. Baby pictures! So I opened a new Flickr set, hoping we’ll find more to add to these when we recover that last hard drive.


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