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Big Bird’s Birthday Bash

March 21, 2011

Big Bird birthday

I took Charlie to Big Bird’s Birthday Bash today.

He’s been asking about returning to Sesame Place since it closed for the season in October. So when I saw this special event, right around Charlie’s own birthday, I made the plan.

It was a lunch, with birthday favors and lots of character interaction, a show and all the carousel rides you could handle.

We had a nice drive down and back. And Charlie’s face, his excitement, the stories he told and made up and rehashed…well, all of it was worth every penny spent and every minute spared to make the trip happen.

It was like those Disney World commercials that always make me cry. Except it was my kid.

Two funny bits from today:

CW: “Snuffy is 200!”
Me: “200 years old? That’s so old!”
CW: “Yeah! 200! That’s what my tape measure says.”

Five minutes down the highway, headed home from Sesame Place.
CW: “Where is Sesame Place?”
Me: “Back that way a little bit.”
CW: “No. Where is it?”
Me: “Langhorne, Pennsylvania.”
CW: “But where? I want to know because I want to drive there when I get old.”
Me, thinking about him being older and still wanting to go there–it could happen: “Don’t worry. When you can drive, you will know how to read a map and I’ll give you directions.”


Gina at Southpaw

November 20, 2010

Gina Samardge‘s full-band concert at Southpaw. It was awesome. Just like a grown-up concert, except kids were allowed.

Gina’s Farewell Concert

June 29, 2010

This weekend, we attended Gina Samardge‘s Farewell Concert.

She held a sing-along on a hill in Prospect Park and many of her students and fans came out to say good-bye. She’s just moving up the river, to Beacon, and she’ll be back every so often, but it’s the end of her regular seasons of sing-alongs and classes.

We’ll miss her a great deal. We have both of her CDs, but recordings are not the same as live music. Gina has such a wonderful way of letting kids move at their own pace, and that really comes out when she’s singing right in front of you.

This summer has seen so many changes–no more Musical Stew with Gina, the last summer at daycare before starting school in the fall–we’re all growing up around here.

I guess it’s normal to be nostalgic and a little lonesome for the baby and toddler stages that used to be, even as I am amazed at the new and astounding things Charlie can do, say and ask about.

So, for old time’s sake, here’s a very short video from Charlie’s first season of music classes with Gina. (He tended to spend most of them sitting in my lap.)

And here is a short clip of my tall, tall boy at Gina’s farewell concert. He’s the one in the white T-shirt.

Come back soon, Gina!

Easter Sunday

June 17, 2010

We made eggs and visited with the Nowadly-Plaches in Prospect Park for an egg hunt.


Easter in the park

April 12, 2010

bunny ears
Charlie wearing Maryn’s bunny ears at the Park Slope Parents egg hunt in Prospect Park, Easter 2010

mama and daddy easter
Mama and Daddy enjoying the first warm sunshine of spring, in Prospect Park, Easter 2010

8 hours later and it’s still snowing

February 10, 2010

I’m pulling the sled.

Stick and sled
He’s making use of a stick.

Snow pizzas, snow cakes that we cut, snow balls, snow angels, half of a snow man, a really long walk to the park and a long lunch with friends at the cafe…then another bout of snow building on the walk home.

And it’s still snowing!

We’ve got a snow day!

February 10, 2010

Our bird feeder

The view from our kitchen window

We’ve seen some snow this winter, but today it’s really coming down!

The weather folks say lunchtime should bring blizzard-like conditions. Jesse says he’s from Pennsylvania where they walk through 20 feet of snow from December to May. He pshaws the blizzard-like conditions. Charlie and I are excited to get out while its still sweet and then drink hot cocoa when it gets blizzardy.

My office is closed, alternate-side parking is suspended and I found an awesome disc sled last night at Save on Fifth. Let the snow fun begin!

The Gowanus Canal

November 2, 2009

We see the Gowanus Canal every day on our commute into the city. It sparkles out the subway window during the two elevated stops on the F train.

The water looks rather pretty from up high, though surrounded by trucks, debris, and warehouses. Up close, it stinks to high heaven and is filled with goo. Charlie loves to look for it before we hit the tunnel to 7th Ave. (His other two landmarks are the Statue of Liberty and the “gorilla”–a blow-up ad for car sales.)

On Columbus Day, when Charlie and I were flying back from GA, we passed over NJ. Out the window we saw a lovely, glimmering river, surrounded by forest on both sides. (Our two NJ-native friends say this must have been the Delaware River.)

Charlie looked out and said, “The Gowanus Canal!”

They’ll be coming round when they come

October 23, 2009

Kylie, Kathryn and Nanny are coming to Brooklyn for a post-Thanksgiving visit!

Charlie was asleep when I found out, but he’s going to bust a gut when I tell him. He loves sharing his favorite places with those he loves. I’m pretty sure “Bunny-Turtles” (Sean Casey Animal Rescue) will be on the list. (I’m having fun thinking about all the fun we can have, too.)

Chime in if you know somewhere I MUST take them.

Random spring outings

October 3, 2009

Playboy the pony

Yet more photos and videos I should have put up a long time ago, from this spring. At this rate, maybe I’ll be caught up by next summer.