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Funny words

April 21, 2010

Charlie watching jellyfish on an aquarium trip with his dad a few weeks ago

Charlie said he wanted some chocolate chips.

I said he could have one.

He said, “How about two? Three?”

I said, “One.”


“Okay,” I said. “You can have one or zero.”


Hmm. Zero must seem like a fantastical, foreign word.

Charlie was riding on his dad’s shoulders. The wind blew hard against us.

“Daddy,” he said, “the wind is having a party in your hair.”


Who is sleeping?

March 15, 2010

At the end of nap time today, Charlie and I heard a loud noise outside.

He groaned and said, “That noise woke up my eyes!”

Lower case letters

November 23, 2009

We’ve been practicing, sort of, lower case letters. A few days ago, Charlie put together a puzzle of all lower case letters, and knew most of them, Jesse said.

When he saw f, he asked if it was an r.

“No, it’s an f,” Jesse said. “What starts with f?”

Charlie said, “F. F. F. Cat!”


August 22, 2009

Charlie has memorized Brown Bear, Brown Bear and now wants to read it (and every other book) to me, instead of the other way around. He carries Franklin and the Thunderstorm around on our every commute, flipping through it so much that it’s getting ragged. It’s a hoot to watch him turn the pages and read the story aloud, even when he doesn’t know what the words say.

Or maybe he knows more about the words than I give him credit for.

Not only does he notice the word ‘zoo’ any time he sees it, he’s now spelling a few other things.

We passed a subway ad about heat advisories and Charlie said, “Mama, that says ‘hot’.” And it did.

And the other day, I said to Jesse, “Maybe we can get some P-I-Z-Z-A.” Charlie replied, “I want some pizza.”

Soon, I won’t be able to tell any secrets by spelling them out!

Listening to the radio with Charlie

July 26, 2009

NPR: “…police forces…”
CW: “Horses?!”

NPR: “…because that’s eternal.”
CW: “A turtle?!”

NPR: “…the CEO of the company…”
CW: “The seal?!”

A poem

April 30, 2009

“The Garbageman”
(a going-to-sleep poem, composed while drifting off to the sounds of Ft. Hamilton Parkway outside our open window, inspired by the clinking of glass bottles)
by Charlie DeWitt

What’s that noise?
Garbage Man.
Going through our trash, our drinks.
The Garbage Man,
getting our drinks.


January 22, 2009

Gigi and Richard came to visit us over MLK weekend. We loved having them, even though we weren’t the best hosts. Both Charlie and I got sick and were party poopers.

One of the things we could all do together was watch the Steelers game. We ordered pizza, one veggie and one pepperoni.

Charlie, who loves pizza almost as much as he loves milk, chose “peckoroni.”

And then the Steelers won.

We miss you guys!

Whales, whales everywhere

January 6, 2009

Yesterday, I took Charlie to the Brooklyn Aquarium to meet some of his friends from daycare. We spent a few hours running from exhibit to exhibit, exclaiming over jelly fish and touching horseshoe crabs. I even got a kiss from a sea lion. (Answer: it felt wet and whiskery.)

Then, later that day, I drove a Zipcar filled with our outgrown and outdated stuff to the Goodwill. (It was a New Year’s-inspired cleaning fiasco.)

When I got back home, Charlie asked if I had seen the Good Whale. And the sea horses.


September 23, 2008

Charlie has a blue suitcase with his name embroidered on it. (Thanks, Niki, Keith and Jonah; Charlie loves it!)

After our first summer trip, the suitcase made a move out of the closet and into the bedroom where it has found permanent residence. It has held pinwheels and rubber snakes, wooden monkeys and a toy phone. Charlie says, “Mama, A, B, C, D–Charlie!”

Translation: “The letters on this suitcase spell Charlie!”

But my favorite suitcase game is the one where he pulls up the handle, drags it behind him and says, “Bye!”

“Where you going?”

Nanny and Pawpaw’s house. Have fun!”

A few minutes later he turns around, still dragging the suitcase. “I’m back!”

“Great. How was the trip?”


He’s been bitten by his parents’ travel bug already.

What day is it?

September 23, 2008

Charlie: “Mama, going to the laundromat?”

Mama: “No, not today.”

Charlie: “Tomorrow?”

Mama: “No, not tomorrow.”

Charlie: “Friday!?”